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Witches only exist in stories. Everyone knows that. But what if the stories are real?


If you wander into the wood …

If you hear scratching sounds from the Old Quarry …

If you go too close to the edge


Slip on your overalls, pop on your hardhat and jump in the digger - let's build a backyard!

We dig, we build, we plant, we sow.
We make a place to play and grow.
You and me - one, two, three ... GO!
Work! Work! Work!

A fun look at creating a backyard from scratch; from moving the mud and building the fence through to planting a vegie garden and adding in the compost (Poo! Poo! Poo!). Let's Build a Backyard is a high-energy, brightly illustrated picture book by a real-life engineer, and is the perfect companion to Let's Build a House.

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