Mike's Books

Where is Cheeky Monster?

Illustrated by Heidi McKinnon. Published by Penguin Australia.

The Christmas Train

Illustrated by Sofya Karmazina, October 24th 2023

What We All Saw

Penguin Australia, 31st May 2022

Let's Build a Backyard

Hachette Australia, 27th April 2022

Let's Build a House

Hachette Australia, 28th April 2021

Bad Herbert

Larrikin House, September 1st 2020


MidnightSun Publishing, November 1st 2018

Olivia's Voice

MidnightSun Publishing, February 2017

Mike's Funny Poetry Books

Each with 99 poems
A Load of New Nonsense
Tales from an Alien's Toe
Things and Other Stuff
Big Silly and Little Sensible

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